Bloody Acres is located on about 50 Acres of undeveloped land. We have wooded trails on about 17 acres of the land with 20 Scare zones with multiple scenes in each zone.

For the 2019 Season we added 5 new rooms and have revamped the Maze and Chainsaw rooms.   Most of our actors have been in the business for years and are ready and waiting to star in your nightmares.  

We are family friendly, no drugs, alcohol or cursing will be tolerated from our actors, unfortunately we can not control all of the customers manners, but if anyone gets out of hand and does not follow the rules they will be escorted out by Security. Please come and enjoy  the attraction, but be considerate of others.


Our woods and scenes are not controversial, but there is fake blood and gore in our attractions, basically like a horror movie. For this reason we want you to be the one who knows how old your child

should be to attend, we can not make that decision for you Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon.



This is our 11th Season, we strive to improve yearly and try to revamp and add on every year. I believe what makes a fun and great haunted attraction is the actors and staff who are like family - who build it together and believe in what they do, keeping the tradition of horror alive. We love Halloween and Scary Movies and enjoy carrying on the tradition of Haunted Houses or Attractions, we do not believe in Devil Worshiping and there will not be anything sacrilegious in our woods, in our opinion, I know everyone has different perceptions on this and we do not want anyone being offended so please call ahead with any questions and other details. Some horror scenes may be offensive. Thank you for your continued business, we cant wait to see you this year.





Phone:  615-974-8589