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Hours-What are your hours?

  •  Our hours are Friday and Saturday nights 7pm to 12am and Sunday's in October only 7pm to 10pm. We will be open everynight the week before Halloween call for details.

Age Limits-What are the age limits?

  • Age limits are parents discretion. 

Refunds-Are refunds given?

  • No, signs are posted at the front. No refunds.

Pregnant-Can I walk thru if I am pregnant?

  • No, we a baby is a gift and it is not worth the risk that you may trip, get scared or someone else may get scared and you fall and harm yourself or your child.

Are people admitted with medical conditions?

  •  No, if you have asthma, breathing problems, seizures, heart conditions, sensitivity to strobe lights or any other condition-we advise you not to come in. 


  • Yes, there are souvenirs, snacks, drinks and glow sticks at the glow stick stand and MJ's Cadaver Cafe.

Do the Actors touch you?

  • No, they do not touch you, unless they accidently bump into you or you run into them. You are also not allowed to touch them or you will be escorted out by security.

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